Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Buppa's Bakehouse, Newtown

Mr FBC and I tend to hang out in the north side of Newtown (north of Newtown Station) – just because it’s close to where we live. Ok – we’re just lazy. So, it’s always interesting when, every so often, we decide to venture south of Newtown Station and continue down King Street all the way to St Peters. It’s amazing to see the everchaning nature of the retail strip with new shops popping up all the time. That’s how we found Buppa's Bakehouse one sunny Saturday afternoon back in February. Buppas Bakehouse isn’t that new anymore. It’s been open for about a year now and seems to be doing a roaring trade.  

Buppas Bakehouse specializes in American cakes and desserts. I’d sum up American desserts as being generous, not necessarily pretty like delicate petite French pastries, but definitely deeeeelicious in all it’s size and glory.  There are plenty of authentic Americana desserts available.

I chose to have a slice of good ol’ American Pecan Pie. Buppas take on the American classic is  a Black Bottom Pecan pie ($6 a slice back in Feb 2010) - a choclate pecan pie with a hint of bourbon and a butter crust. It was rich, caramel and nutty.  
Black Bottom Pecan Pie

Mr FBC had a slice of the Coco Lopez. I suspect he chose it due to the fantasitc sounding name. In actual fact, Coco Lopez was really banoffie pie in disguise. But I think I like the exotic sounding Coco Lopez. This take on the banoffie pie came with a coffee cookie crumble crust, dulce de leche, banana, coffee flavoured whipped cream and fresh ground coffee.

Coco Lopez
I’ve been meaning to make my own banoffie pie. Did you know it's meant to be short for Banana - Toffee? Am I the only one in the world that didn’t know that? I suspect I am :(  I’ve bookmarked a banoffie pie recipe from grab your fork to try sometime soon, but the requirement to boil cans of condensed milk sounds a bit ominous to me.

As a bit of an afterthought, Mr FBC and I decided to takeaway a red velvet cupcake ($4) to share later. The colour of the cake is a dramatic and deep blood red colour. I’ve never tried one before but read about it on various blogs. The cake has a hint of a chocolate and is super crumbly, but the winner for this cupcake is probably the super creamy and soft cream cheese icing.

As you may have guessed from the photo (and the huge bite from the cupcake)... we were too impatient to get home before tasting the cupcake and feverishly gobbled it up in the car.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Buppa's Bakehouse
482 King Street, Newtown, 8065 0681.
Wed-Fri, 11am-6pm; Sat-Sun, 9.30am-6pm.


  1. oh gawd banoffee pie! how i love thee!

  2. I agree.... love, love, love banoffie.

  3. You had me there with that sexy Pecan Pie.... definitely will check this place out when I am in newtown next!

  4. Hi Billy - The pecan pie was great. In the end, I got a bit of food envy and liked Mr FBC's banoffee pie (the Coco Lopez) more!

  5. We love this place also... have had to cut back as it can be dangerously good.