Sunday, 23 May 2010

Say no to Ham and Pineapple Pizza! - Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria, Balmain

Hello again. It’s been a while between posts. Oops :( Don't worry... Mr FBC and I aren't on diets (as much as we should be) and we've been busily eating and taking lots of photos. This post is dedicated to our dear friend Mr Don who reminded us last weekend that we hadn't blogged in awhile. Thanks for the inspiration Mr Don :) 
The Rules
I'm not a fan of Ham and Pineapple pizza - it just tastes wrong to me. I just don't like it when pineapple turns up in my savoury foods... like pineapple in sweet n sour pork (wrong!!!) or pineapple chunks in fried rice (wrong!!!). When I was a kid, my family use to order pizza from Pizza Hut (this was in the 80's when pizza meant 'Pizza Hut' or alternatively frozen 'McCain' pizzas). I always remember being horrified when my mum returned with a Ham and Pineapple pizza.  
I'm glad to say I'm not the only one with this opinion on this evil topping combination. After following a tip for a good authentic Italian pizza joint from a friend, Mr FBC and I find ourselves at Rosso Pomodoro in 'White Bay' precinct of Balmain. Hidden amongst the very bland cream coloured medium density housing backdrop of White Bay, the restuarant is located at the ground floor of a block of flats. The first thing I spot when I walk into the restaurant is a sign on the wall which indicates "The Rules" of the place. Rule number 2 is "No Ham and Pineapple". Here, here!

Rosso Pomodoro  is buzzing with people and the place is filled with happy familys (many Italian families too - always a good sign of authenticity) enjoying their pizzas.
Mr FBC and I start with an Antipasti Plate which is very generous pile of tidbits and a bit of a Jenga puzzle to unravel. There are cured meats layered on the bottom, blobs of mozzarella cheese, artichokes, olives. The dish is topped with long,warm and fresh for the oven breadsticks which criss cross the plate. 
Antipasto Della Casa $23.50
The Antipasto was a huge serving and Mr FBC and I pretty full by the time we finished. However, we're here for the legendary pizza and so, like troopers, we give our stomachs a bit of a rest before continuing on our pizza devouring journey. 

There are two types of pizzas available: Pizze Rose (tomato base) or Pizze Bianche (no tomato base). Back in my 'Pizza Hut' days I'm sure I thought a pizza was not a pizza without tomoto paste. However, these days I think tomato bases often make a pizza quite heavy.
Today, we decide to order one of the special pizze biache of the day: Pizza Ai Fiori di Zucca (buffallo mozzarella, ham, zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta and parmesan)
Our pizza arrives and is placed on a steel stand, elevating all its delicious glory to eye level (as well as making more room on the table).  The zucchini flowers were wonderfully soft and overflowed with the melted ricotta. The mix of subtle buffalo mozzarella and parmesan worked well with the thin shavings of ham. The pizza base is thin with a scorched base and is a good companion to the perfect balance of toppings.

Pizza Ai Fiori di Zucca ($23)

Mr FBC and I order salad in hope that it will be our 'healthy' component to the meal.  The Insalate Verde (Rocket and Parmasen salad) is simple but good.  The rocket is plentiful and has a light drizzling of balsalmic and extra virgin olive oil, topped with shavings of parmesan.

Insalate Verda ($9.50)
Rosso Pomodoro is very much the 'local' pizza joint to many of the diners and it's pretty obvious that many people that come here are regulars. It's great to see the staff welcome diners like old friends. It makes Mr FBC and I  a bit envious. The only downside is that the place is loud and it's very hard to hear your conversation but I suppose you're here for the food. Mr FBC and I certainly didn't really have time to chat... we were too busy stuffing our faces with pizza. And good pizza too!
Rosso Pomodoro
Tuesday to Sunday (6pm -10pm)
Shop 90-91, 24 Buchanan St, Balmain (White Bay)
(02) 9555 5924