Friday, 6 August 2010

Cafe Enzo, Polkolbin (Hunter Valley)

Mr FBC told me the other day that he thinks my iphone is my second brain!  
We went away recently for a nice weekend of wine tasting in the Hunter Valley and were keen to start our Saturday with a good coffee - just to kickstart our brains so we could really savour the complexities of the wine we were about to taste. Nah, not really, we just needed coffee. I wanted to do a bit of researching before heading off in search of coffee in unchartered territory. I was worried that we would get a really bad cup that I would need  to pour down the nearest stormwater drain in digust. Yes - I've done that before and will do it again, if warranted. So, in my hour of need, I turned to my trusty 'second brain' - my beloved iphone. 

Mr FBC and I are regulars at Campos Coffee. We're pretty luckily as it's practically our local coffee shop so our coffee standards are understandably high. I recently downloaded an iphone application from the Campos Coffee website which finds the nearest cafe selling Campos Coffee - it's very nifty indeed.  I didn't think my chances of finding Campos Coffee in the Hunter were particularly high. However, with a quick flick and scroll on the second brain, I had found a cafe that had MY coffee and it was only 1km away. 

Our destination.... CAFE ENZO. I was so excited. Not only did this place have MY coffee, it was actually on my list of places to try in the Hunter. Yay!

I'm happy to say the coffee was great, with the Mr FBC's cappuccino coming in the trademark 'Campos' glossy brown coffee cup.
We weren't up for a terribly big breakfast, so we got a couple of light dishes. Mr FBC ordered some cinnamon toast. It wasn't too exciting but you can't do that much with toast and cinnamon. It was a bit pricey at $8.50... but perhaps we were paying 'Hunter Valley' toast prices.
I was looking for something 'relatively' healthy so ordered the toasted muesli with yoghurt and fruit salad. I was pleasantly suprised with this breakfast meal with its relatively simple yet effective presentation. The dish was served in three bowls placed on a rustic wooden chopping board. I really loved the Brookfarm  toasted muesli  which had a nice crunch from bits of puffed rice. The yoghurt was rich and creamy. I'm guessing it was definitely not 'low fat'. Ahh well, I suppose we got some redemption with the fruit salad which was a lovely mix of strawberries, rockmelon and honey dew.

Brookfarm Toasted Muesli, Yoghurt and Fruit Salad ($15.00)
We sat at a table outside which was a perfect choice for this Saturday morning.  I think Cafe Enzo would be a great place to have a lazy long lunch. Unfortunately, Mr FBC and I had organised a jam packed day full of wine tastings so we had to dash. However, we will definitely try and return to this place sometime soon.
Cafe Enzo
At Peppers Creek Winery
Cnr of Broke and Ekerts Road
Polkolbin NSW 2320
ph (02) 49987233


  1. Oh, I was recently at Cafe Enzo as well!! It's so pretty there! I loved the scones, you should try them next time :D

  2. Hi Betty - I agree the setting of Cafe Enzo is definitely idyllic. I will make sure to try and scones when I'm next there!