Friday, 10 June 2011

Tea for Two at the Tea Parlour, Redfern

A splendid high tea for two. I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon catching up with one of my most dearest friends, Cee.

 The Menu
Blink and you could miss the Tea Parlour on grungy Elizabeth Street in Redfern. From the front, it looks like any other non-descript shop on the street. However, step into the Parlour and you’ll soon find yourself in a warm cosy space - like you’re in an eclectic great Aunt’s lounge room.

I don’t have an eclectic great Aunt but, if I did, she would have a lounge room lavishly decorated just like the Tea Parlour. Think floral couches, vintage china, quirky tea pots, candelabras and other knick knacks. There’s a bit of a cool Britannia theme as I spot a Union Jack flag on the wall.
Tea Parlour is busy on this Sunday afternoon and the place is filled with a groups of chatty giggling girls. I do spot a few guys here and there, but they are a bit of an endangered species. There are other species (of the stuffed kind) in the room too. Hanging on the walls is a stuffed deer’s head and perched on a nearby cupboard is a peacock on display.
Cee and I settle for the High Tea  at $20 per person.  I think this must be the best value High Tea in this city.  The High Tea spread is very generous and includes a tier of cakes, scones, mini meringues and tartlets, a plate of cucumber sandwiches and endless pots of tea. The tea list is extensive and interesting. Cee goes for the Monk Pear and I choose Wuyi Rock. I'm intrigued at the pot of Tibetan Ceremonial tea you can purchase for $20. The menu describes it as very relaxing. Hmmm...

Three tiers of high tea treats
The thing that I especially like about the High Tea treats at the Tea Parlour are that they are homemade. None of the usual macaroons and upity tarts made by swanky French pastry chefs.  I understand many of the recipes are from the Australian Women’s Weekly – probably just like the cakes and scones that would be whipped up by your nanna or eclectic great aunt (if you have one!).
I mentioned the servings were pretty generous. Despite this, we were still offered refills of tea and, if we wanted, more plates of sandwiches or cakes.
Sweet Treats 
The gorgeous surrounds produce a perfect setting for sipping tea and nibbling on delectable sweets and delicate cucumber sandwiches.  Importantly, it was a great place to catch up on plenty of girly gossip. I wish there were more places like this in Sydney.

Tea Parlour

569 Elizabeth Street


Opening Hours
Thursday - Sunday, 1pm- 8pm
mobile: 0414 335 224


  1. How gorgeous - you're right, those sweet treats do look realy homely. What a great option out of the city - and well priced too!

  2. I love the look of the place! Something I can never pull off but some people just have a way of seemingly effortlessly throwing things together yet it still looks right.

    I've missed your blogging, guys! Good to see you back =)

  3. My friend has been raving to me about this place! Looks so quaint and kitsch :)

  4. $20 really? this is awesome im def going to check this place out one day

  5. I wish I had the experience you did. I have been wanting to go to this place for close to a year now and was super excited to go for my 30th birthday. I didn't worry about not getting a response to my online enquiry, I just texted instead. We agreed on a booking and I gave a number of people saying I'd confirm the exact number in a week. I admit I left it very late to confirm the number but when I did the proprietor could not recall my booking and offered a time two hours later. I accepted the time but expressed that I was frustrated as I had the text reflecting the original booking. To that I was told "don't come at all".
    I can understand being busy but how do you run a business if you can't manage bookings (as reflected in more than my review)? I had no intention of being rude and I don't think I was out of line to simply state that I felt frustrated - I felt genuinely hurt by the response I received.